For many women, traditional foundation feels like a mask. First Light mineral make up is made of minerals that are so finely crushed and ground that they feel as weightless as silk. This means all the make up applies beautifully, conditioning your skin and giving you a natural and luminous look whatever your skin type. 

Quality mineral make up is made with pure and beneficial minerals such as mica, zinc oxides, iron oxide and titanium dioxide, kaolin clay.

Weightless – Long-lasting- Luminous 

Mineral make up is weightless as silk. It provides long-lasting coverage, leaving the skin with an even, smooth appearance. It feels like you’re not even wearing makeup.

Titanium dioxide has an extremely high light refraction index. This light-refractive effect helps to gives the skin a luminous look whatever your skin type.

Suitable for sensitive skin types

Mineral makeup is a pure product and contains no oil, talc, perfume, dyes or alcohol that may cause allergic reactions. Mineral makeup is gentle for sensitive skin types.

Dermatologists agree that because titanium dioxide and zinc oxide have anti-inflammatory properties, mineral make up has a calming effect on the skin.

Lets your skin breathe

First Light mineral make-up won’t clog your pores and it reduces the causes of spots. It covers imperfections perfectly and allows your skin to "breathe". 

Reduce the appearance of the wrinkles

Mineral make up gently reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and crows feet, where many traditional makeup formulas have a tendency to ‘cake’ in those places.

SPF protection included

Because of the high content of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide – two ingredients commonly found in traditional sunscreen – mineral cosmetics also provide a natural level of SPF to protect against sun damage.

Zinc is an antioxidant and plays an important role in protecting the skin against free radical-induced oxidative damage. 

No expiration date

Mineral makeup does not have an expiration date because it is formulated by combining inert minerals that do not support microbial growth.

No animal testing

Our products are made entirely in the UK and conform to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for the cosmetics industry